Digital Ocean Code + FreeBSD

Digital Ocean Code + FreeBSD

FreeBSD Fun

Thanks to the fine folks at Digital Ocean, it’s easier than before to get going on a FreeBSD 10.1 machine. I’ve been having fun playing with a few different images. I was initially interested to start seeing some of the common applications and services I use on FreeBSD again, and how their configuration would differ from some existing Salt states oriented for Linux systems.

I’m also trying out FreeBSD for my work laptop. So far all I have left is to verify it goes to sleep like my existing Linux setup and I think I might be able to make the big move. This is all in fun, so if it takes a bit of time that’s ok too.

As always, look at the FreeBSD Handbook if you’re following along at home.

I noticed for all of the time I blab about Digital Ocean I’ve never posted a referral link.

This is just for folks interested. According to DO, If you click on my referral link you will get $10 worth of hosting, and I have a chance at getting hosting credit too once you become a paying customer. Neat! I’m pretty sure they may want some sort of form of payment, or maybe it’s just straightup free $10. When I started with them in 2013, I got a free hosting credit off of Twitter, and I was sold. Solid state drives, and by-the-minute payment options are pretty awesome features. Their API makes it easy enough to start bringing machines up and down quickly so you can try something without taking down your existing systems.

It’s nice to spend only a dollar or two for a few hours of bringing up a pair of machines and experimenting for an afternoon.

If you already have an account, if you think this is dumb, if you don’t agree: Don’t click it.

Get $10 in credit, try them out.

Stretch Your Money

If you want to stretch that $10: only run the machines as long as you need them, then destroy them once you’re satisfied. They only charge as long as the machines exist. If you power them off, they still exist. This is a great opportunity to get some of your basic stuff into a config management tool.


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